HK Express 名古屋限時優惠低至HKD 438,玩轉名古屋周邊地區,值得一去。

澳門優惠 名古屋限時優惠低至HKD 438,玩轉名古屋周邊地區,值得一去。 0

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【限時優惠出動 !把握機會玩轉名古屋!】
【Go Nagoya with our limited-time flash sale!】

名古屋同佢周邊地區,值得去食、玩、買同睇嘅地方真係多到數唔曬,依家名古屋單程票價限時優惠低至HKD 438*,想點玩由您話事!想玩主題公園,可以去大人小朋友都鍾意嘅LEGOLAND,想感受日本嘅古城氣派,一定要去宏偉壯麗嘅名古屋城參觀,至於想搵靚景打卡嘅,就必定要去埋白川鄉合掌村,影靚相之餘,仲可以感受古日本嘅人文風尚。提提大家,名古屋其中一個最著名嘅祭典「熱田祭」將會喺今年6月5日舉行,呢個熱田神宮嘅年度盛事,除咗有日間嘅莊嚴祭典,夜晚仲會有煙花表演,千祈唔好錯過!把握機會出發啦~


Its time to discover the countless amazing places to eat, play, shop, and see in Nagoya and its surrounding areas. For a limited time, seize the opportunity to enjoy the one-way fares to Nagoya starting at just HKD 438*! Enjoy travel fun any way you want it! Visit the family-favorite LEGOLAND and have a blast at the world-famous theme park. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of ancient Japan by visiting the magnificent Nagoya Castle. For those who are looking for the most instagrammable place in the area, be sure to explore Shirakawa-gos Gassho-style village, where you can also revel in the cultural ambiance of old time Japan. Dont forget, the illustrious Atsuta Festival, one of Nagoyas most famous events, will take place on June 5th this year. The annual event held at Atsuta Shrine not only boasts solemn daytime ceremonies but also a captivating firework display in the evening. Dont miss out on this incredible opportunity – embark on your adventure today!

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Travel Period: 25 Apr – 11 Jul 2023
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